• LOZAN ORAL AND DENTAL HEALTH CLINIC, Dr. Dt. İlhan Kurtuluş was established in 2007 and has been serving in all areas of dentistry since this year. All treatments and applications of our clinic are carried out by experienced physicians who attach importance to cleanliness and hygiene, follow new and technological developments, with devices and products produced with the latest technology required by modern dentistry. Our polyclinic adopts the quality system that offers a peaceful and comfortable environment to dentistry patients and maintains this quality understanding.

  • -By keeping ourselves constantly in a professional education, always achieving the newest and most accurate.
    -To maintain dentistry in the most modern and well-equipped level.
    -To continue on our way with always happy people by meeting all the oral and dental health needs of our patients in an honest and professional manner.
    -To advance our business without deviating from treatment standards, professional principles and ethical values.
    -To be a social polyclinic that informs both our patients and our society about oral and dental health and always emphasizes the importance of health.
    -To be an innovative, high quality oral and dental health center that is always on the path of science and can be an international reference.

  • As Lozandent, our aim is to bring oral and dental health to an innovative and honorable level. It is always working non-stop to be a health institution that prioritizes humanity and human health without compromising its values.

    Our dentists will always work professionally and honestly, keeping the sanctity of human health at the forefront, making our technologically fully equipped polyclinic a leader in oral and dental health. Our goal is to become a respected institution that is always well known, has a sense of responsibility that protects patient satisfaction and hence human health, and is the number one in its field.


    Lausanne Dent, which was established in Izmir Alsancak in 2019, has started to serve our esteemed patients in oral and dental health with its latest technology devices. Our polyclinic, which works with a strong background, high experience, meticulous work and patient satisfaction, closely follows today's technology for you, precious patients, and renews its devices for your health according to today's conditions.


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